Total Oil Depot Feluy (Belgium)
Dépot pétrolier

The Feluy fuel depot in Belgium, supplied by the Antwerp refinery via a pipeline, has a storage capacity of 756,000 cubic metres, and operates 24/7, receiving around 500 truck drivers a day who call in to refuel.

Testimonial of Olivier Fasilleau, manager of the Total fuel depot in Feluy, Belgium :
"When storm activity is detected within a radius of 10 km, we are warned to stop our activities and get people on our site safely into buildings that offer protection against lightning. Once the episode is over, we are also informed and can resume our activity. On the Internet, I can also follow the thunderstorm’s progress with precision and see how many strikes have hit the depot, in order to take the necessary measures, including checking our lightning protection systems. […]. This also enables us to comply with the regulations, which require the detection of lightning and the counting of strikes. Météorage makes it easy for us by helping us make the right choices."