The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)

The KNMI is the national meteorological service of the Netherlands, founded in 1854.

Testimonial from Hans Beekhuis, Senior Consultant at the KNMI’s observation service R&D centre :
"We have used the lightning data provided by Météorage for almost five years. This data is permanently displayed in our forecasting room to allow our meteorologists to track extreme weather events currently occurring and to refine their weather forecasts or warning levels.
We adapt our safety briefings, warn partners who are particularly weather-sensitive, such as air traffic controllers, produce automatic reports, such as METAR (meteorological terminal aviation routine weather report) and inform the general public. From the individual to the helicopter flying over the oil rigs of the North Sea, we try to disseminate this information in keeping with our role.”


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The main purpose of Meteo France International (MFI), a subsidiary of Météo-France, ‘is to export Météo-France expertise and solutions abroad and help foreign national meteorological services to improve their weather forecasts, early warnings and climate services.’ 
With Météorage as its partner for lightning-related services, MFI has rolled out a project at the Indonesian National Meteorological Service. 

Predict Services

Alix Roumagnac, President of Predict Services, a company specialising in hydro-meteorological monitoring, talks about the complementarity of its services with those of Météorage, particularly with regard to stationary storms, for better management of natural risks.